PhD: Mistakes happen

I have been working on my first experiment planned for PhD thesis. I started off stupid. I made a few mistakes while collecting the data which I could have avoided, had I planned how I am going to analyse the data that I collect. I realised this after collecting data for many hours over a month. It feels frustrating to realise that many hours of work have not been used productively. But it is also about making mistakes and learning. What is interesting is that many people seem to assume that PhD students should be intelligent enough to avoid mistakes. Some say you must be ‘intelligent’ because you are doing a PhD. But I am dumb most of the time. I will leave you with that thought and a video about intelligence:

(Eight intelligence types is just a number, but the main point is that there are different kinds of it. So for me, PhD is about making mistakes and learning to improve different kinds of intelligence and skills. It is about long hours of repetitive work, a few hours of thinking, many more of organising and executing…)

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