Monthly Archives: February 2016

Ant walk 2016

Here is our recent science outreach ‘antwalk’ in Canberra. Although it is like science outreach every day I work outside collecting data on the ANU campus. There are always curious people asking about my work, learning  and getting interested in knowing more about  how f-ant-astic ants are! There are curious magpies and possums too (maybe they just want to eat the ants or the cookies that I give them).

Multi-cultural festival 2016, Canberra

When it comes to culture, there are so many. If one closely observes, there are similarities. But, it is the differences that make them special. It is perhaps like variation for natural selection.

Every year Canberra celebrates cultures of all kinds. Time for learning about the similarities and differences of different cultures. I was lucky to be in Canberra for this year’s Multi-cultural festival. Here is a youtube video that I made for you.