How to be sane during insanely frustrating PhD days?

I think many PhD students agree that it gets really frustrating at times when experiments do not work, writing is impeded, procrastination creeps up all over, or you do not find suitable ant colonies to conduct your experiments even after spending many days (in my case). Something needs to be done. Here is what I think might help, and it helped me.

  1. Do something new for a day. Learn about something other than your PhD work. I went on an insect walk (looking for an interesting wasp) with a fellow PhD student at ANU (The Australian National University). I got motivated to learn more about other miniature creatures (apart from ants). I got an idea for a new structure for my blog, which you will read here in future.
  2. Talk to your peers about it and realise you are not alone in that.
  3.  Volunteer for a day if you can. It can have transformative effect on you when you talk with other people and about their work (non-science). I visited ANU community garden to learn about gardening.
  4. It is just a state of mind, of many possible states. So the feeling can be changed. It helps to change routines or maybe the way your desk is ordered. I changed the times of my work slightly, walked to uni instead of biking, started reading a book on insects while waiting, cleaned up my desk space…
  5. Lastly, write about it and share your thoughts with others.

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